Sunday, September 20, 2009

we love magazines

I am so so very excited about the new issue of POP. A long story short for those who didn't know; POP's very celebrated editor Katie Grand left last year to found the new magazine LOVE. The publishers cancelled the next issue while they searched for a new editor, and eventually hired Dasha Zhukova, which drew a lot of attention (mostly negative) and started a big old blog world debate with a lot of side taking and mud slinging.

Anyway, Zhukova's first issue has been released, there's four editions of the cover, starring Style Rookie Tavi, who is awesome (if you don't know about her, read up, hers is an excellent story). I'm avoiding reading reviews until I can see it for myself, but from what has slipped through it sounds like there's a lot of artist collaboration and fashion blogging inside. I must get my hands on this magazine, ASAP!

If you don't read POP, the whole new editor thing is no big deal, but it's an amazing magazine and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a new glossy to look forward to....

Hooray, new Lula is out (a little while ago now), and has a gorgeous redhead on the cover! Holding my breath for this to arrive in the post, hopefully today.... Han already posted about this though, as have many others, so you should go read them xx
I got home on the weekend to find a lovely someone had bought me the latest Interview, haven't had the chance to read it yet but am looking forward to Jake G's interview with Natalie Portman, Jason Schwartzman and Chace Crawford sans preppy cardigan! (I now have to try really hard to resist reading these online)
This is another magazine I would strongly reccommend to those who don't already read, full of interviews with famous people by other famous people - recent bests include January Jones interviewed by Jack Nicholson and Dave Eggers & Vendela Vida by Nathan Englander. Also they have an excellent website which means I can read all these great interviews and spend the pennies saved on other favourites like Lula or the Journal, who generally don't put so much of their excellent content on the internet...

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