Wednesday, September 16, 2009

look look look

Ok so these are actually from Liebemarlene's post about the new Lula magazine.

They're screen grabs from a dreamy little video that stars lots of beautiful should really go directly to Lula's website, click on the link that says "There's no place like home" and watch the whole thing. Its creepy and beautiful and Peter Weir-ish and Citizen's Band-ish and all those other things we like. It reminds me of this surrealist short by Maya Deren and her husband Alexander Hammid that I saw in London called Meshes of the Afternoon.

On a superficial note, I want to dress like these ladies everyday. And go to pre-raphaelite tea parties. In fact, having a pre-raphaelite themed party could be amazing, if a tad, um, self-indulgent (IDEA!). Also this makes me want a straw hat something chronic.

Lou,check out the tights.

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  1. I have been checking my mailbox EVERY DAY for new Lula and am slightly FREAKING OUT at how I might actually have seen all of it on the internet before it finallllly gets to me. Subscriptions are lame when you're in another country, fact.