Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the answer is always Pacey

OK so the fact is that I have been obsessed (to varying degrees over the past 9 years or so) with Pacey Whitter.

Dawson was horrifying to behold and when Pacey came on I would actually feel this huge sense of relief
that I didn't have to watch Dawson, his peanut shaped head, his old-man leechery and his unebelievable, ungodly haircut.


I loved it when he took Joey to visit her Bad Father Who Is In Jail and they played Sarah McLaughlin and I loved it when he got frosted tips and I loved it when he was so supportive of Andie when she went through her bad times and I loved it wh
en he pulled over the car and totally pashed Joey Potter (2.08) and I loved his husky voice and I basically loved it whenever he went on some apparently Hair Brained Scheme that actually wound up being meaningful to him and Dawson would never understand until Pacey spelled it out for him and made him feel bad. AND OMG I loved it when he called his boat the True Love and worked on it all year long until it was finally ready to sail away with Joey in, bought her a wall, wrote "ASK ME TO STAY ON IT", and left Dawson depressed (ha!), alone (ha!) and full of self loathing(hahahahah!!!) (3.40)

And now look at him! My heart is exploding, the capsules are bursting. I'm a heartbeat away from making the top picture my desktop. Not the second one, even though its like my DREAM.

Just a thought: It's also quite amazing the way that there is no way that I can consider Joshua Jackson as an entity separate from Pacey. He will always and forever be Pacey and if I met him (gasp!) I'd be like one of those crazed Edward Cullen fans that try to get Robert Pattinson to bite their neck.

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  1. I also love this man. I remember in 6th form we made some kind of tv show for media studies and my character had to argue that Dawson was cuter - horrifying! I'm going go to watch all the youtube links now..