Monday, September 14, 2009

Life doesn't hold tryouts

If there is one thing that Patrick's tragic passing has brought home to me, its that I love dance movies. No matter what the style of dance, no matter how shitty they are. I love them all.

My favourite is Centre Stage - it has it all: Peter Gallagher's eyebrows, hilarious choreography, the charmingly wooden acting of professional ballet dancers, lots of "issues" (eating disorders, controlling stage mothers, the problems around introducing new and fresh styles to the classical ballet repertoire, having sex, dating non-dancers, and, of course, the value in believing in yourself and doing it your way).

its not ballet but it is still a valid form of artistic expression

Most importantly, Centre Stage features the amazing scene, which appears in almost all of these movies where the formerly uptight girl-next-door gets sexually awakened by some (apparently) extremely attractive bad-boy dancer. In this case, its this guy, Cooper Neilson. It has to be said, he's no Patrick:

the bad boy of the NY Ballet

I have just found out that there is a SEQUEL to Centre Stage coming out soon - and it is called...wait for it...Centre Stage: Turn it Up.

I don't know how they can "turn it up" any more than they did
here, but I can't wait to watch this piece of badassery.

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