Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I'm still sore after yoga on Monday and am foolishly going back for more tonight...

Do you know what else hurts?

I've spent the better part of three days trying to track down a certain Lover one piece and even though Australia is ridiculously near to New Zealand it has been a hea
rtbreaking process which has signified NOTHING. What is this life about? Why are things which should be so easy be so hard? A friend of mine lent me her Lover swimsuit last year and I remember a wave of happiness washing over me that no other swimsuit has ever evoked. Usually, I'd balk at spending hundreds of dollars on a swimwear but this little dude is something special.

To make myself feel better I bought this from Topshop:

That's right, its a navy and cream breton striped crop top with hook and eyes going up the middle. I need to stop buying things online when I cannot quite discern if they are ugly or not. The day I found out that Topshop shipped to NZ was a day terrible in its greatness. The floodgates to relatively guilt-free online purchasing have been opened. Aiee!

I feel as though Lou and I have become a little too pre-occupied with online shopping. Next post will not be about things I want to buy from the internet. Promise.


  1. THey haven't come into stores yet! You can get Lover online at net-a-porter and the swimwear will be in stores in about 6 weeks! x

  2. you rule! thanks! no more tears into my pillow over swimsuits!