Thursday, April 23, 2009

louise, you're becoming way too predictable

Romantic Comedies, ick.

Rom coms, chick flicks, date movies, whatever you call them they've always been something I hate. Don't get me wrong, I could sit through and even appreciate the odd romatic comedy with my girlfriends every now and then. Hungover Sunday evenings in bed with biscuits being the obvious situational choice. But as a sweeping, overarching general rule, I could comfortably say they have never been my movie genre of choice.

So why now, is every movie on my to-watch list ticking the romantic comedy box?

It does seem that the rom-com of late has evolved somewhat into a painfully awkward, identifiable, witty and touching film, starring Michel Cera.

Newest addition to this list is Paper Heart, I just watched the adorable trailer, forwarded it to a few friends, and then threw up a little in my mouth as I recalled doing the same not so long ago with Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Remember Juno? Sensing a pattern here? Youth in Revolt looks set to be another of the same.

Please note, I am not complaining. I am a sucker for Michael Cera and his embarassing, awkward romances, through and through. I am excited about seeing each of these films, it is the fact that this is the case which I wonder about...

Oh also fitting somewhere in here, sans Michael Cera but including all the awkwardness, not to mention Paper Heart's documentary style and the all-too necessary sweet ending, in a nice British way, is A Complete History of my Sexual Failures.

Sorry I'm yet to work out how to put little videos in these posts, so here are some pictures and links to the trailers on otehr sites. Watch them they're so sweet!

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