Tuesday, April 7, 2009

we all love getting postcards

When I was little Susie (that's my mum) bought home a "Life Goes to the Movies" book, full of photos like this...a little later perhaps. I used to carefully go through it, fascinated by the images and their stories. As a ten year old I think I knew more about Clark Gable than any ten year old of the nineties should have. The book was also really dusty so I'd have sneezing fits while in a pre-teen swoon. Sneezing and swooning, what a family trait! So when I found a link to this European Film Star Postcard whilst ambling (trawling?) through Liebermarle's archives, it made my week.

Aren't these beautiful?
Also these ladies have the most amazing names, Hilda, Maude, Valery, Elena, Marlene, Annabella.

As you may have expected, I covet the hair, clothes, makeup and general 'tude of all these ladies. Unfortunately I just don't seem to be able to maintain a rigorous grooming regimen. Sigh. Such is life.

The first image is from a postcard for Pierrot or Histoire d'un Pierrot (1917), a film Diana Karenne directed herself.

These ladies did menswear so very, very well.

Miss Maud Fealy is lovely and pre-raphaelite-y, all creamy lace and dreamy eyes. We all know thats a good look. I also like the way she is Maud without an 'e'. I imagine it may have been quite modern at the time.
And these ladies are just so sexy...Hilda, Elena and Annabella.
My favourite is this photo of Elisabeth Bergner - I remember finding it sometime last year and being completely struck by her. Even better, this actress is thought by many to be the inspiration for Margot Channing from All About Eve. Lou and I love Margot (I have fond memories of watching it in your bed, Louis).

Photos taken from rosewithoutathorn84 and Truus, Bob & Jan too!'s flickrs...have a look through this photostream for more!

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