Monday, April 6, 2009


"My bed is a soft white because I want to feel like I’m waking up on a cloud every morning."
That's Diana of Jewels of New York's bedroom above, via DesignSponge*

This is just how I feel! This week I'm moving into a new home, which means new room - with floor to ceiling shelves and an avocado tree outside!! - and getting to do all the lovely setting up and unpacking and 'playing house' which I adore.

In preparation I have freshly washed all my white bedding and requested the squishy cloudey feather duvet be sent from NZ. It's getting colder here so I've also bought, and am rather excited about, a white crochet bedspread/throw. Dreamy.

How much do you love clouds? As much as me? I mentioned a wee while ago my desire to make a mobile and have now decided exactly what it's going to be...

Pictures from Leanne Surfleet, DesignSponge*, Julia, Hello Bum, The Cloud Appreciation Society (how sweet, 'Look up and marvel'!), Lolitas, Kurtli , etc.

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