Monday, April 13, 2009

i love audrey

Four years ago I wrote this on Myspace:

"I think I might get my haircut like Audrey Horne.

But it's too straight. Maybe I could get a perm? Oh for that glorious few weeks I would have THE hottest hair out of everyone I know. Enough of this fringe bullshit, bangs blow.

Also, Whatever happened to Lara Flynn Boyle? It's sad really."

I remembered this yesterday after writing almost the same thing in an email to my mother. I am obsessed with this hair.

I buy records purely for their aesthetic value, and my most recent vinyl purchase was this, Stop Look and Listen Volume 5. I figure I can take it along with the Audrey pics to the hairdresser for clarity...

So, a perm? Hot rollers in the morning? Regular rollers overnight? Anyone know the best way to achieve these buoyant waves with naturally dead-straight hair?

Also, on an Audrey note, hooray for winter and tights and sweaters an knits and tweed!

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