Wednesday, June 30, 2010

tea time

I fell in love last year, in a shop in Curtain House that isn't there anymore, with a blue and white zig zag printed bathing suit. I never got it, and to be honest it might not have been zig zagged, or even blue and white for that matter, but it's likely-altered memory has lived on... Now it's the middle of winter and bikini bodies, bikini lines, and bathing suits in general were the last things on my mind until a couple weeks ago when Rittenhouse announced their mid-year sample sales.

I feel a little bit of the same way for Rittenhouse as I do for APC, but in a more local way. The impression I've had until recently has been that their clothes are simple, clean, sophisticated, and a little bit preppy, though on closer inspection I've found that they're also detailed, clever, and beautifully made.

For their last collection, the couple behind Rittenhouse collaborated with Swiss artists Michael Husmann and Pasquale Tschaeni, another creative couple. The result was an explosion of playful colours and textures that surprised many of their followers, and enticed me. That bathing suit that I loved last year was Rittenhouse, though I'd forgotten they even make swimwear until I was browsing their website and came across this. Which I love even more.

They're bringing the sample sale to Melbourne next Friday and Saturday, at Misty Bar on Hosier lane from 10am-4pm.
For those of you who aren't in Melbourne (or weren't in Sydney last weekend), today they announced reductions at their online shop, yay. After discussion with Han I think I'm going to go bikini, despite how beautiful the one piece is, now I just have to figure out how to justify buying a swimsuit in Winter (as if being on sale isn't enough).
Pictures are all from Rittenhouse

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