Thursday, June 10, 2010

just another day at the office

Friday morning at the Opera: "Hannah, do you ever take off that hat? You have wet hair? Did you take it off in the shower? Some of your hair is poking out of it, you'll get hat hair - does that concern you? Is THAT why you're wearing the hat? Its quiet in here on Fridays, so you could take the hat off and expose your hat-hair to the office. Do you realise you're wearing a beret AND a t shirt that says "France" on it? You didn't? Perhaps we should call it "Francais Fridays" and I'll bring in my carpet boules set? Sound good? A Baguette? You listened to Lakmé? Why ever would you do that...? Listen to this one, its about a French monk and a prostitute, yes, its message is very "be pure but show me your breasts", we should put it on one year, update it for a modern day audience and set it on K Road." FIN.

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