Saturday, April 3, 2010

hey big spender

You may have figured out by now, (or not) that my mum is the most talented op-shopper in the world. She manages to find treasures in the most unexpected places, and more often than not, passes them on to me. Most of the time, they cost less $15 and were from the Otara Market or the infamous "op shop up the road".

By contrast, my flatmate and I went into a boutique on Ponsonby Road yesterday. I saw a cardigan I liked, which cost over $1000 - it was really nice, of course, but really? $1000 for a cardigan? There was a coat in another boutique which I loved; it was beautifully made and had fabulous golden buttons. But it was $750. I almost put it on layby, too. A good quality coat is easy justify spending lots of money on. But, ultimately, I couldn't go through with it.

My point is, I like clothes, and I like shopping. But I have come to realise that I absolutely balk at spending all my money on clothes. I can't justify it. I understand spending money on quality items, and obviously, I'm totally into laybying the odd thing here and there. But I cannot stomach a thousand dollar cardigan. I worked for a "designer" label while studying - I know what the mark ups are.

So I'm trying not to get hung up on wanting things. I'm only buying vintage or New Zealand made. I want to think about purchases for a long time before I buy them. I'm avoiding pining over glorious Lover look books, or at magazines which make me feel like all my clothes are ugly and passe. Instead, I'm enjoying spending money on brunches and whisky sours, going on adventures and seeing amazing things; reminding myself that $700 is half a plane ticket to almost anywhere I dream of going. Of course, Mum still thinks I'm totally frivolous.

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