Monday, April 12, 2010

knock off

Pot luck and knitting roopu season has begun. I love knitting because I taught myself how to do it. That's not to say I'm good at it, because I'm not. But I love a challenge and I also love getting in a huff about some stitch slipping and throwing the whole thing in the corner.

This year I want to deviate from my usual scarves and hats and knit something with sleeves. Something that will take me a bloody long time to finish. Something, shall we say, like this?

Or perhaps, something like THESE?
(I mean the woolly knickers)

Now, my plot to blatantly rip off stolen girlfriend's club isn't as far-fetched as it seems.* I can cable knit. I have heaps of spare time. All I need is a free pattern, the ability to knit sleeves, waistbands and button holes, and a healthy does of sticktoitiveness.

*I don't actually plan to rip these off exactly. I couldn't, anyway, all the free patterns online are ugly.


  1. great minds!

    I pulled out my knitting needles two days ago, in my usual bit-late-to-start-now-that-it's-already-cold manner. I've cast on and subsequently ditched three scarves so far and am definitely keen for a more ambitious (and possibly not black) project... Send me pics of your progress! x

  2. I got this book out of Auckland library called something like "design your own knits" and it tells you quite a lot about how to write knitting patterns, kinda. It has all these steps so you can pretty much make exactly what you want and tonight I just started the sleeves of a drop-shoulder jumper, which is pretty much the easiest shape in the world to knit because the sleeve head is straight at the top so you hardly need to do shaping at all.