Monday, April 5, 2010

Q + A for L + H aka so far in march... it's a bit late for that I guess

H: A wonderfully tacky vogue knitting patterns book, courtesy of my flatmate's Nana, and several 70s girls Annuals, especially "Diana" and "Jackie". I love the romance comics the most. They also have some of the meanest fashion tips: "horizontal stripes make dumpy girls look wider than ever!"
L: Small Wonder by Barbara Kingsolver, Everything Bad for You is Good. Lula (it arrived about 3 weeks after they had it in stores, again, thanks Mag Nation).

H: Here We Go Magic
APN's recordings from past years' Newport Folk Festival
Concert FM
L: Here We Go Magic, GIVERS, Phantogram, NPRs Tiny Desk Concerts and All Songs Considered.

H: A new language - it might be time for some night classes!
New jeans! Flared? Annabelle did it so very well, I'm feeling inspired...
L: Calligraphy classes, plane tickets, The Art of Simple Food and/or The Kitchen Garden Companion (and it's my birthday soon)

H: Vintage lamps
L: An Opening Ceremony x Pendelton skirt, I missed out on it. H8 ebay.

H: Preparing for our latest Opera - The Marriage of Figaro - and enjoying being around some of the most talented singers in the world...
L: Autumnal picnics, cooking things I've never made before, researching houseboats in Victoria

H: Loose, see-through, cotton things with black lingerie underneath, aviator sunglasses.
L: My hair in french braids, the Topshop boots I thought I hated but don't mind so much now I've worn them a few times.

H: Flat boots (as below) and shearling jacket (as below). Mum has given me a hilarious footstool that has sheepskins on it. It looks like it is alive!
L: Those Topshop boots, expensive skin stuff.

H: Couscous-y things with warm spices and pinenuts, anything involving chickpeas and coriander, whiskey, whiskey, whiskey
L: Salad with delicious waxy kipfler potatoes, rocket, capers, corn and smoked fish

H: Auckland's weather. It is impossible to dress appropriately for it.
L: Not having zillions of dollars to spend on travel, shoes, lovely home things, higher education and a laptop. Living in a different country from some of my favourite people, I miss them more the longer I'm away!

H: A knitting pattern for an attractive cape with armholes. Is that a contradiction in terms?
L: A handbag with long fringey fringe, dark blue jeans that don't make me look stumpy

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