Wednesday, April 7, 2010

vege boxes

We get a vege box delivered, usually from here. We are thinking of trying this one, mostly because the website is so pretty and you can have things like fresh herbs and organic meats delivered too. I enjoy the idea of having all kitchen, nay, all household needs delivered to me.

I love the way a vege box forces you to eat things you wouldn't usually or try exciting new recipes
. This has been greatly aided by my Nigel Slater vegetable cookbook, Tender, which you should definitely look at if you are interested in vegetables.

One problem with vege boxes is that sometimes they give you way too much of one vegetable. We have three huge pumpkins at the moment. I've made pumpkin scones (wierd), pumpkin pie (wierd), pumpkin soup (good), roast pumpkin (duh), mashed pumpkin with bacon (moreish), pumpkin curries and pumpkin couscous...its all getting a bit much.

We have not tried this yet.

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