Monday, June 29, 2009


I know a very sweet boy who generally always smells great. He asked me a while ago to help choose a new fragrance so I went to Myer and sniffed a bunch but the only conclusion I came to was that choosing a smell for someone else is really hard! It's funny how much scents mean to people. I think of a friend of my mother who I knew growing up whenever I smell Gaultier Summer Fragrance. I think of Han when I smell Cinema, Demeter's Gin & Tonic and Chanel Mademoiselle (none of which I think she even wears). I think of my mum when I smell Happy or Les Belles de Ricci. CK One and Be remind me of boys in highschool. Anna Sui Dreams of myself, aged16.

There are others which I smell so often it's hard to pick who they belong to. Flowerbomb, an old friend, a girl in the Karen Walker store in Wellington; L'eau d'Issey could be Kali, a boy I liked, or my boss in the first bar I ever worked in; Daisy is Sam, my old flatmate's girlfriend, and someone I just walked past on the street.
I've worn Marc Jacobs for a number of years, it's simple, fresh, a bit pretty and I love it.

I bought ChloƩ when I moved to Melbourne with the justification that I needed a second fragrance for 'evenings' or special occasions. Something sophisticated and grown up... Now when I wear it it reminds me of the house I stayed at when I arrived, a trip to Vanuatu, and a beautiful friend Natalie who was wearing it the last time I hugged her.

I bought jonquils over the weekend and as I carried them home a woman remarked that she had always thought they smelled bad. When she was young she'd called them 'the wee flowers'. Despite this I am very much adoring falling asleep with their smell.

What perfume do you wear, if any? Can anyone recommend a men's fragrance? What memories do scents hold for you?

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