Wednesday, June 17, 2009

bliny/blini/love of my life which I shall probably never experience the like of again

Tepemok is a cult fast food chain in Russia. People who eat there get obsessed. I literally ate a cheese and creamy mushroom one everyday while I was there. By the end of two weeks Nigel and I were eating the "E-Mail" (feta and green things and an irrelevant name) and the cheesey mushroomy creamy one and a dessert one filled with condensed milk or cream and berries every day. It was amazing.

More reasons why this particular food joint ruled:
It was always open.
There were heaps of them. Whenever we were lost we would try and find one and once we did, oh boy oh boy did we get excited.
There were stalls AND restaurants.
It was cheap.
Sides: tea and borscht.
And once an old, old man listened in to our conversation and berated us for being cold. It was December in St Petersburg. It was cold.
I miss them so so much. Other snacks just don't measure up. Pancakes are always a disappointment. Galettes always taste wrong compared to them. It's sad when you fleetingly have something so good in your life, it spoils other things forever. I wouldn't have traded you for the world, Bliny.

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  1. Hi! I can totally relate to your blin-experience. I love them myself and wish we had anything remotely close to it in my town.

    One note though. I'm sure you're aware, but the transliterated form of "Теремок" in English is 'teremok'. When you use Latin-based characters because they visually resemble the Cyrillic, it looks lazy or uneducated, if not both. Better to type with the actual Cyrillic or to transliterate appropriately.

    Awesome picture, by the way! *drools*