Monday, December 20, 2010

chrismukkah, oy humbug!

I've watched: 
The Shop Around the Corner, Bad Santa, Home Alone 2, Love Actually,the Melrose Place Christmas episode,* both of the Chrismukkah episodes from the OC and the episode of Seinfeld where Elaine accidentally slips a nip on her Christmas card. Two words: SETH COHEN.
I've eaten:
Steamed Czech dumplings filled with strawberries, doused in melted butter with a dollop of cream cheese. Roast wild boar, covered in a rosemary and thyme herb oil, served with whipped potatoes and red cabbage, followed with licorice ice cream and fra angelico on ice. A burger with bacon and cheese, also a sausage pizza, cheese pizza with extra mushrooms. Frozen coke. A suspicious tasting "ginger bread" frappaccino on the most humid day so far. I went to Winehot with my Pa and had a simple pork belly with new potatoes and (more) cabbage. At flat christmas, where several of the movies above were watched, I ate mushroom and ricotta empanadas and drank horchata for the first time (delicious!)
*"Does this gift cross the line between friendship and...romance?"

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