Monday, December 6, 2010

bikini babes

Man, it is H.O.T here. I've been frequenting the beach and the Parnell Baths, which makes me think about swimwear. My current bikini is a black number from Glassons, it has little frills and cost me $20. It's fine, but is made out of quite a thick, cheap fabric, and I think the ties are a little short. I don't really "get" spending lots of money on bikinis. I mean, I would love to, just like I'd like to spend lots of money on everything I buy. But bikinis are just so unsubstantial and small. Like you're paying $20 per square inch of fabric, if not more.* And yet, I imagine having a really nice one would probably make me feel sassy and confident. Maybe one with an underwire? A pattern? Perhaps Tigerlily, or Insight have good ones?

This is an unrelated picture because its hot and I can't find any photos of nice togs that aren't from Lover.*

*I'm sorry Lover, but I'm not spending AU$350 on a bikini. Thank you, and good night.

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