Monday, August 3, 2009

Sometimes it's impossible to explain how much you love your friends.


On Saturday night I went out to dinner with my old old old friends at this fabulous Japanese place called Nishiki which is a silly but delicious place in Freemans bay. We drank a bottle of wine or two and wound up returning to their flat for more wine, stopping for ice cream on the way.

We got to the flat, sat at the dinner table and had that whole girl talk thing that has to happen when you hang out with people you've been buddies with for 10 years, lots of talk of sex and shit and periods (not in that order, well, actually, kind of in that order. But not together. We're gross, but that's fine).

Then all of a sudden we started jumping in a circle to Paparazzi
by Lady Gaga, which might be the best song of all time, doing that crutches dance that she does so well in the video. We were all giggly and turned off the lights and then someone pulled out a couch cover and threw it on top of us (we were planning on going to a ghost themed party later, this was a costume idea)and put on that godawful song by the Black Eyed Peas with the "GO OUT AND SMASH IT (SMMMAAASH ITTT) LIKE OH MY GOSH" lyric in it and we totally went nuts.

All of us were jumping under this couch cover, falling over, stumbling about and screaming out the lyrics when some shit of a neighbour called noise control. On seven girls. At eleven on a Friday night. Apparently, this might have had something to do with Cat yelling obscenities at the neighbour's child earlier in the evening but who are we to know? All I know is that the noise control man let us off easy and looked suitably embarrassed by the situation.

So after that we finished the song, called a mini van and mished off to find this ghostly party. The taxi driver SUCKED but it was OK - we found the party, got under our couch cover, and entered the party en masse.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong party. In fact, it was some chick's 21st that we crashed, they all seemed to hate us, apart from the boys out the front who posed for photos with us. So we made a quick escape, pulled over a nice young man who got out his map and gave us directions. I also messaged my flatmate who was at the actual party for directions. He said he would yell my name, and we should follow the sound.

So, we made it to the Ghost party. Finally. One of us fell over on top of some dude who threw her into a wall. Luckily Bex was there to punch him in the face: "I AM A PHYSIOTHERAPIST ! I KNOW HOW TO HURT YOU!". Another one disappeared to pash a hot random.

Eventually, we went home.

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