Thursday, August 20, 2009

lulu in hollywood

I love Louise Brooks. I will admit right away this has a lot to do with sharing a name. However I think she is beautiful and ballsy and oozes glamour in a way only silent movie stars and other people who died before I was born can.
I have a picture of her above my 'dressing table'. This exact picture in fact, in her tutu; it seems to go well with the hat boxes and vintage cosmetics and sparkly costume jewelry I have laid out but never wear.

Looking at these pictures this morning make me want to dress up in tulle and sparkles and feathers and dark lipstick and go out somewhere dark and smoky for a drink this weekend.

Also she rocks the fringe/bob better than anyone and whilst I am 'growing' my hair - a painfully slow process, I swear - she makes me feel okay about it's general inability to ever get past chin length.


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