Tuesday, August 4, 2009

imploding capsules

The problem is that at the moment I'm not feeling particularly fond of anything really.

Its been an average couple of weeks, the kind of shitter where the lame stuff that has happened to you pales in comparison the stuff happenning around you. Where you feel guilty about feeling a bit bummed out, and are totally aware that the little things that are happening to you aren't really going to matter in the long run.

Anyway. So the capsules aren't really bursting for me of late.

To conquer this I've decided to make my bedroom really pretty. It already was rather nice but I've gone for a full throttle assault on my malaise, which means:

There are pretty antique lace camisoles dangling off ancient coathangers on the walls.
I've had them for a while (passed down from my mum) and they are off-white, button up, cropped and a bit ghostly. In summer I plan on wearing them a lot, hopefully with my silken Stella underwear and a tan. I have a feeling that wearing the two together will make me feel like a Sarah Moon Pirelli girl and I can't wait. Might actually do that tonight. But removing them from the room might ruin the ambience? Decisions are hard.

There is now a nice smelling candle in my room. The combination of pretty lacey camisoles with the wafty "meditative" scent of the candle is, obivously, pretty good for my bedroom's ambience.

I'm about to pick up a giant album full of old polaroids from my uni days. Some of these may wind up on the internet but most of them will wind up on my wall. Hopefully t
hey'll fade a little. They'll make me think of summer road trips and camping by the beach and that will make me feel nostalgic and happy. Ambience.

Adding to the ambience is the near constant re-playing of "Elvis Presley Blues" by Gillian Welch. I need to stop listening to this song because it's maudlin and makes me mope. But honestly, nothing else is hitting me in the gut as much as it is right now.

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UPDATE: I went shopping on my lunchbreak and bought this:

Only mine is longer so I wouldn't have to wear pants with or could wear with teensy shorts and feel edgy. Its Lonely Hearts and is on sale and was really rather cheap but also is probably going to be weather-inappropriate in about two weeks.

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