Sunday, July 26, 2009

tonight or never

The Melbourne International Film Festival has just started, hot on the heels of Auckland's and Wellington's, of which I saw only one film that I hate to admit, put me to sleep.

Movies to me are the perfect Winter activity - in Summer the only films I'd see being those shown in an outdoor setting - and I'm excited about the film festival for a few reasons, not least being Anna Karina, a guest of the festival and the subject of a retrospective.

"The embodiment of the 60s French New Wave, Anna Karina possessed the kind of screen presence that both defined and wooed a generation. Former wife of iconoclast Jean-Luc Goddard, Karina starred in eight of his films, and collaborated with the likes of Agnes Varda and Rainer Warner Fassbinder. She has also directed two films and recorded music with Serge Gainsbourg and Philippe Katerine."
And she's gorgeous. Sufice to say I love her.

The timetable for the festival is here, My picks of Anna Karina's are Living Together, which she also wrote and directed, screening on Saturday August 8th at the Greater Union on Russel Street, and Pierrot Le Fou, Screening tonight at the Forum and on Thursday at the Greater Union. If you haven't already seen them, rent Alphaville and Anna on DVD, they're both amazing, she's a babe, and you've already missed them in the festival...

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