Monday, July 27, 2009

rooms and plants, a randomly jumbled together post

I'm a nester, and am always inspired by pictures of light filled, barely furnished spaces and homely, modest rooms with comfortable clutter.

How lovely it is to have plants inside, fresh flowers, potted lillies, pansies and ferns. My windowsill is home to a growing collection of greenery planted in white pots and tea cups and soon my flowering hyacinth bulbs (Spring must be close right? No?) will be moving inside too. I love the different vessels people use to grow and store things in and am on the lookout for a nice something to convert into a terrarium.
I had no idea when moving into a room with such capacious storage (a wall of floor to ceiling shelves) of its capacity for clutter. Everything just seems so exposed and messy. I'm trying to counter this by filling the shelves only with white things and green things, and keeping most of the photos, craft supplies, clothes and general stuff hidden away. I've recently started collecting business cards - belonging to people I love and shops and restaurants I want to go back to. They're all quite pretty and while I've never been much of a 'mood board' person, I'd quite like to display them somehow. Any suggestions?

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