Wednesday, May 20, 2009

green fingers

I have quite a comfortable obsession with flowers, I love buying them, recieving them, and now growing them. I've always loved gardening, the whole idea of creating and nurturing something. We have a vegetable garden at home, and a lot of fruit trees (I am a very lucky girl), and I have just recently planted my very first bulbs.I've never planted bulbs before and I must say it's been a few weeks and nothing seems to have happened above ground, although when birds got in recently and dug around a bit, I was rescuing my hyacinths and noticed some tiny green shoots which got me all giddy. I've covered them up now but will keep you updated as they progress.

In the meantime here are a bunch of lovely nature and flower pictures. For those of you in Melbourne wanting to buy flowers, Flowers Vasette on Brunswick Street comes very highly recommended, it smells amazing in there and the french man who might make up your bouquet is the perfect french florist man amount of flirty but not creepy. There's also a place on Gertrude Street I've never been to but which has fantastic window displays whenever I walk past [*update* I have been in there and they are so nice! It's called Mr Lincoln and you should definitely go there if you want flowers and are in the area]. For plant and pot buying (the ceramic variety) go to Fitzroy Nursery, also on Brunswick Street, they're having a huge sale at the moment and are really smart and helpful. If you're in Auckland there's a sweet little garden shop on Ponsonby right near Nosh, and Bana Brothers' Greengrocers (also ponsonby road) have great flowers, but otherwise I don't know too much...

most photos via oh joy

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