Thursday, May 14, 2009

the gokey is out

Friday nights on TV3 are amazing in New Zealand. You've got New Zealand's Next Top Model (there's going to have to be a whole other post about that at some point - suffice to say, this week they are going to LA and Nigel from ANTM is taking photos and on the ads he looks extremely gutted about it), then an hour break where you can watch American Idol and then Project Runway. All in a row.

As a result, I have been following American Idol. I'm not ashamed. It's hilarious and awful and cheesey and I love things which are hilarious and awful and cheesey.

When I read this today, some capsules burst in heaven:

I know its kinda against the principles of this blog to have bursting capsules over hating something but I can't help it.

I HATE Danny Gokey. I'm rejoicing in his failure. For some reason (although the picture below sums up a lot of it) the Gokey is hugely annoying to me.

YOU'RE OUTTA HERE, GOKEY! Whoop whoop whoop!! Get the hell offa my television!


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