Tuesday, November 9, 2010


(This is not a food blog.)

Foods I have eaten recently:

grilled lamb cutlets with mint, feta and thyme, it was simply the best and the fat rocked my world (I like fat, OK? I'm not sorry, it tastes too good)/ciabatta with hummus and fresh orange juice for breakfast all week, because I have heard that hummus is the healthiest spread for toast/scones made by mum with lots of butter and cream/vegetarian eggs benedict with a huge slice of avocado and parsley pesto (by far the best eggs benedict I've ever had, perfectly balanced and not at all sickening). You can get it from a cafe near the Parnell rose gardens/chicken livers with red onion. I liked the flavour but not the texture/a lammington from the Fridge - a hungover choice I lived to regret/countless pepperoni rolls from sals, the pepperoni fat crystallises at the bottom of the roll, making it a perfect cheesy juicy meaty scone-like treat and they're only $3 or two for $5/lemon pasta, this time without cream. You whisk olive oil, lemon juice and parmesan together, then mix it through the pasta with a huge pile of fresh basil/about 7 bubblegum flavoured iceblocks from the asian supermarket on K Road dipped in vodka/pork chops with thyme butter made with feta, thyme and a squeeze of lemon juice, melted in the pan with the pork juices, eaten with more ciabatta and a pile of rocket to make me feel less guilty/strawberry oreos(gross yet oddly compelling)/a hamburgini from Burger Fuel, which is a teensy burger (not quite a monkey fist) that has aioli, melted cheese, bread and butter pickles and tomato sauce, and is basically the most moreish thing you can eat for $4.95/avocado and feta with pesto on toast for an after dinner snack/sour lollies/rocket and cheddar scone at the art gallery with a short black and trashy mag/oh and last night I went to a bbq for my friend Max's birthday and the boys surprised everyone by getting all the meat from the organic butcher in West Lynn, so I ate a fairly rare steak and it was incredible.

Most things I cooked were taken from The Kitchen Diaries, which I bought last week, which takes my Nigel Slater recipe book tally up to three, which is possibly too many? Or NOT ENOUGH. <3 u Nigel.


  1. omigod yum. and i don't think you could ever have too many nigel slater books, he's amazing and the images are always gorgeous! x


  2. you eat cool as food!hahah xxx