Tuesday, November 16, 2010

good things to do on a lunch break

  • lunch time manicures (I favour Sassi Nail on Lorne St).
  • eat a burger, or perhaps some dumplings or even some noodles.
  • go to chain stores like Glassons and Wild Pair and find hidden gems
  • tour of lunch
  • sunbathe in Myers Park, go to the beach
  • put an extravagant thing on layby
  • buy a lipstick or some fancy socks
  • go to the library if it is rainy or read books in a nice bookshop that isn't Borders or Whitcoulls
  • lunchtime yoga - I haven't done this but plan to
  • or else go to an art gallery, which is usually accompanied by a sweet cafe
  • get your eyebrows threaded (but never any kind of wax, it feels weird to go back to the office after having your privates dealt to - trust me)
Bad things to do on a lunch break:
  • watch a pigeon eat a mince and cheese pie at a traffic light (witnessed today)
  • watch a person walk down the street drinking straight out of a giant bottle of milk (witnessed about two months ago)
  • see a girl wearing a t shirt that said "I WISH THESE WERE BRAINS" on the boob part (witnessed concurrent with milk drinking two months ago)
  • see apprentice hairdressers drinking heaps of energy drinks and smoking cigarettes outside Farmers = depressing
  • walk down Queen Street
  • stay in the office and eat a toasted sandwich at your desk (the worst)

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