Tuesday, October 26, 2010

peas and other things

I love eating frozen peas straight out of the freezer! Another really good thing to do is to smash them with broad beans and pop them on some toasted ciabatta with a wodge of mozzarella. Another thing I feel like eating is ravioli. Like, really good hand-made ravioli from Maria Pia's, covered in sage butter. Dripping in it. I could also go a giant American hot dog, with onions and mustard, cheese, and a medium-to-low quality sausage in the middle. Yesterday I ate the rest of the Gouda that Lou gave me while making a lemon and asparagus risotto, and that was pretty good. I would like some lamb, marinated for hours and cooked on a barbecue. A cheeseburger from a fish and chip shop, cooked on a grill. I had Cocoa Pops for breakfast. I wasn't allowed them when I was little but I figured "Hey! I'm a grown up! I can eat whatever I want!". Take that, Mum. We bought the most incredible honey-cured streaky bacon from the Kerikeri farmers' market on the weekend, it made my fingers smell delicious. The market also had beautiful orange juice - or perhaps a mix of orange and tangerine - which we actually kept a secret from our friends waiting for us back at the bach so we would not have to share. Corn fritters with fresh mozzarella. Vietnamese salad with mint and lemongrass. Mushroom lasagne with bechamel and no tomato. Pizza blanco with Gorgonzola, prosciutto and big basil leaves


  1. You're bursting my hunger capsules, I'm off to the kitchen right away!

  2. STOP IT!
    (ps the cheese lasted this long? I am impressed)