Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Tomorrow I'm off to Sydney and I can hardly contain my excitement, here's why:

I'm meeting up with one of my beautiful, bestest friends from Auckland (the one that's not Han, but who
is a bit famous today!) and staying in a fancyish hotel.
We're going to drink wine and get pedicures and go shopping and talk wedding! Not mine, jeez, but still. You'd be forgiven for making that mistake considering how EXCITED I am about it.
Also, the Biennale is on which is exciting, though I have no idea how much I'll make it to in two days. I've also had some great must-do easting and drinking and exploring tips from an ex-sydneysider pal, but would love more if any of you have any recommendations!

Unfortunately* I will be out of town for the first weekend of the Gertrude St Projection Festival (part of State of Design which officially opens next week) but if you're going to be in Melbourne, do go along. It's a lovely stroll, perhaps after dinner at one of the great restaurants along Gertrude Street, on your way to a drink and a board game at Collingwood World? Rug up, because it's bloody freezing at night these days, and make sure you take a little detour past the Brooklyn Arts Hotel (my neighbours) even though they're not quite on Gertrude, I'm sure there'll be some illuminated lovely going on out the front. The festival projects the work of various artists onto the outside of buildings the length of Gertrude Street, there are also a few indoors events at bars and galleries along the way. Keep your eyes peeled, last year some of the sweetest pieces were those that were easy to miss - projections onto the sidewalk beside you, shadows of leaves against a wall down a side street.

*it's not that unfortunate, I'll be weekending away! And the festival will be on for another few nights next week

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  1. ohhh i went to the biennale a couple of weeks ago! you should definitely definitely go to cockatoo island to see some of the exhibitions if you get a chance. there's a free ferry from circular quay that will take you there. failing that, a trip to glebe markets is always is a (fantastic) coffee at clippers cafe in glebe.