Monday, July 19, 2010

bummed out

A bummed-out opera playlist:

1. Vesti la guibba (Pagliacci). Canio discovers his wife has been unfaithful, but has to go and do a clown act. Bummer.
2. Dove sono (Marriage of Figaro). Countess Almaviva wonders why her husband is unfaithful, jealous and angry all at once.* 
3. Kuda, kuda (Onegin). Lensky muses on his impending duel with his BFF. 
4. Un bel di (Madame Butterfly). Madame Butterfly  imagines what its going to be like when her man comes back. He comes back with another lady, so she stabs herself.
5.  MamickoMam Tezoku Hlavu (Jenufa). Jenufa is a very, very sad opera. "Gritty realism" "infanticide" "facial disfigurement". Meep

NB: Most of these I've actually put up here before, because I like sad songs. Also: lots of operas are sad.
*Because he's a DUDE.

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