Sunday, December 13, 2009

next i want to try coachella

This weekend was Incredible.

I drove up to a huge music festival at lunch time on Friday. My friends had arrived early and set up camp in an excellent spot, near the ferris wheel and only moments from the stage and all the fun! I danced and danced. My shoes turned brown. It didn't rain. I wore the same shorts and t shirt for three days, despite having packed plenty of changes. I didn't shower. I drank gin and soda from a water bottle in the afternoon. We made punch. I found everyone I knew who was going without the assistance of cell phones or prior planning...

Friday night: Patrick Wolf - Body glitter, Union Jack overalls, costume changes, feathers, face paint
Saturday morning: Coffee, a brass band marching around the campsite waking people up before getting on stage and playing a cover of Hey Jude.

Saturday afternoon: Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - Gorgeous, multi-talented, teenagers, a harmonica, a banjo, a slide guitar, a double bass, dancing like crazy in the middle of a thousand others doing the twist.
Saturday night: Animal Collective - got lost in the throng and all I could think of was my lovely friends getting engaged to this.
Finding my way to the very front of the crowd just in time for Jarvis Cocker and not moving for four hours.
JARVIS - the man with the moves, trying to think of a way to get over the barrier and throw myself at him.
Trekking to the outdoor cinema for a 2am movie date, and finding that my friends had done the same, despite being sure we would all forget/get lost/not want to leave the music.
Sunday: getting home last night and showering, twice. Putting on an Aesop face mask and hair & scalp mask and watching tv in a big warm sweatshirt.

Other highlights included the incredibly orderly lines for the not-even-disgusting composting toilets, which were consistently full of toilet paper and didn't stink. Pink flamingo cocktails from the bar; when you've been drinking slightly warm beer (or gin, or anything) all day a pink drink with grapefruit juice and crushed ice is exactly what you need. Jerry's Vegie Burgers, they were Amazing. People watching, besides the OTT 'festival outfits' here and there, the odd streaker and occasional bogan, everybody was really, really Good Looking.
The photos are from the Meredith website and their Flickr stream, where they're credited to photographers.

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