Thursday, December 17, 2009

1970s / 1900s

Darling Han is coming to visit Melbourne Very Soon and I had the best idea this morning for a fun, slightly random, away from the city but still inexpensive activity today: a Picnic at Hanging Rock!
(That's us obviously)
Tea party at hanging rock! With a man who slightly resembles a grumpy Donald
Our picnic will probably involve less tea and more quencher (pictured here as 'non-descript alcohol'), and boys in jaunty pants if we're lucky
we will take ipods

Picnic at Hanging Rock1

If you didn't already know (gasp!), Picnic at Hanging rock is the name of a book written in the 60s about a group of school girls in 1900 who vanish during a Valentine's Day picnic at the site of an enormous rock formation. The rock formation featured in the story, Hanging Rock, is an actual geological formation located in Victoria, Australia (thanks Wikipedia). The book was made into a great movie in 1970 which is full of floaty lace dresses and straw boater hats...

I'm sorry, I just had to put this one in here for it's 'This Guy' potential

hanging rock3

Side note: The clothesey stuff was totally inspired by this post - thanks Almie, and kind of progressed from Edwardian inspired to slightly more realistic attire for the Melbourne Summer/our tastes to Holy Hell I want those Chloe boots baddd, and that sweet crop top...
PS Thank you thank you han for the Fantastic phone call minutes ago (with operatic office caroling in the background - amazing!)
PPS This idea needs to become a reality, anyone in Melbourne with a car who wants to come/take us, let me know!