Monday, November 23, 2009

you know we like shoes

I foolishly went on Etsy today in search of some brown platform-y heels in a Phoebe Philo for Celine vein:

I found these ones, which are vintage Ralph Lauren, and selling for $290 US. I don't have $290 US. If you do, buy them here. I'll glower at you over the Internet.

Then I found these ones. I dig the wooden heel and the general woody vibe of these shoes. Plus they are really, really old. But still, they look a bit chunky and I have these tiny chicken legs and would probably look like a child in them. They're pretty cheap - $35 US - and are here if you want 'em. They have a smaller heel than is normal these days also, which I quite like. Regardless, I moved on.

The shoes I wound up buying (foolishly: both my sisters' birthdays are in December, and there's Christmas and a trip to Melbourne to save for) are pictured below. They have cork heels and are very different to the Celine ones that inspired the search in the first place. Including shipping they still came in under NZ $100 which is really quite good - or so I will keep chanting to myself until they arrive.

Oh god I hope they fit.

As an aside: I've been totally into the whole clog thing that is happening at the moment but for the life of me cannot find any look like they would actually be flattering. Any ideas? Or is it just not a look for the chicken legged among us?

It doesn't help that Auckland is a shoe-desert full of crocs and shops telling me to buy strappy citrus coloured heels. DON'T THEY KNOW THAT I ONLY BUY BLACK, TAN or BROWN SHOES? Hence I go running to the Internet to "browse", and wind up spending money on forty year old shoes with chips in the heels that will probably fall apart within twenty minutes of putting them on. But the idea of stomping around Melbourne in them in the heat of summer is somehow totally irresistible...

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