Wednesday, November 18, 2009

please see that her hair hangs long/it rolls and flows all down her breast

A friend, who I always thought was naturally raven haired, has dyed her crowning glory back to its original striking, vibrant red.

Its a brave move. She's separated herself from the pack of girls with befringed, long, straight, dark hair and come out of the rabbit hole that almost mythical thing: a ridiculously georgous girl with thick, long, ginger hair.

Apparently the gene that makes hair red is reccessive, so there are less natural red-heads on the street these days. Less than 2% of people in the world are ginger. Accordingly,girls with pre-rahapahelite hair always seem quite special and have an extra spark of sensuality,or something.
I was incredibly suprised when I found out my friend had been dying her red hair dark brown - why give up such an amazing genetic gift?

Anyway. I've always had really, really dark brown hair. People often think its black. Dying it any other colour, like red or blonde, has never been an option. I'm of slavic stock and my colouring will only tolerate slight variations on the brown - I can go a little bit darker and, in fact, have currently got frosted tips (by which I mean, the ends of my hair have been lightened a wee bit)- but could never even consider going red, or blonde or any other colour for that matter.

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