Thursday, September 8, 2011

i am a woman of vision

Do you remember when I talked about perfume?

Well, yesterday I sprayed some perfume on before leaving the office. My best pal in the office, an ageless gentleman named Donald who enjoys church organs, fine vintage auto-mobiles, whiskey and opera, smelt it in the air and asked about it. I told him that it was my perfume, Numero Uno, and that it was actually a man's cologne, and that I hope I hadn't sprayed too much. No! Not enough! He loved it, to the point that he asked if I'd mind if he bought some. Of course I wouldn't mind. So now, as of today, Donald and I are man-fume twins, connected for life, smelling similar, yet subtly different. 

I also had my nails done today - glittery sparkles - and Donald said "now there's a woman of vision!" Now he is listening to his recording of the Royal Wedding, again, because he loves the church organ bits. Kate and Wills are about to say "I do". 

These are not my nails. 

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