Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I went to New Zealand Fashion Week (well, two shows, yesterday) and I wrote about it here. If you're interested, pop over to Always Sometimes Anytime to look at their very up-to-the minute coverage and photos of pretty much all of the shows. 
One of the most polarising articles of the week was What's up with Adrian Hailwood? Read that, and then read this and this. It is interesting to see the different perspectives, right? 
On the whole, I have learnt that I don't have the stamina for fashion week. I'm a spectator, not a participant, and I just can't buy into it - I can't afford to, and it's such an effort. I have horrible blisters. My brain is fizzing with  hare-brained schemes to obtain the boots from Ruby, the leather pants from Lonely Hearts. When I eventually made my way home, I cooked a steak and ate it in front of the TV, and could not imagine having the energy to haul myself to the show I was meant to go to later that evening.
But I do have an interest in nice things. These are photos of some nice things from Liam, Ruby, Lonely Hearts. Liam is taking over from Madame Hawke, in case you were confused, and is, apparently,Ruby's slightly more grown-up best friend. All images courtesy of the sweet and talented Claire Wolf via Always Sometimes Anytime.

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