Friday, February 27, 2009

gazing out windows makes my capsules burst

I close my eyes and lean against the window. I have done this as long as I have caught buses.

Staring out windows is not so gratifying on the bus. Looking around you, avoiding eye-contact, also not so good. So leaning my head against the window seems as good an option as any. The windows vibrate a bit and for some reason I have always found it relaxing. Occasionally, the bus lurches forward and I bang my head a little. But I’ve become so good at it that it’s not really an issue anymore.

Better than leaning against vibrating bus windows is looking out them while lying in your bunk on a train. The repetitive movement and sounds of the train’s wheels on the tracks are rhythmic and lulling. Landscapes roll by. Thick snow covers densely packed, bare and curved trees. Frozen rivers lace through the forest. But you are hot, propped up on a pillow, endlessly watching, barely blinking, unwilling to sleep because how could sleeping be lovelier than this?

1 comment:

  1. While not a window leaner myself (the vibrations tickle my nose annoyingly) I know exactly what you mean about fighting sleep on a train because how could sleep be lovelier than watching the landscape trundle past.