Thursday, March 10, 2011


Why am I so preoccupied with winter boots? All I want is a plain black leather pair that come up to the top of my ankle with a bit of a heel. In Auckland, it is impossible. I whinged to Lou about this, and she said they're everywhere in Melbourne, but that's always the way. New Zealand is a boot desert. There are no good boots here, unless you're after the massive-wedge-lace-up-cut-out style. There are heaps of those. Below, the Alexander Wang Addison boots (unattainably expensive), Jeffrey Campbell Areas (sold out) and the mystery ones in Miss Crabb's look book


  1. i feel your pain! all i want is a super nice pair of black or brown oxford flats but they're non-existant!
    i do want some of these new beau coups boots tho

  2. Sarah! I tried the Coops on (here in Melb), they're lovely.

    Han! The Jeffrey Campbells are basically the boots I have and wear every day (hence the holes in them) except mine have a lower and wider ankle. Despite the over-saturation of plain, gusseted ankle boots here, a pair with a low and wide throat is all I want and proving to be hard to find besides those I already have...