Sunday, February 6, 2011

oh jeez where have you been

In the weeks/months since I posted anything (regularly) on this blog not a lot has happened, but I've had a pretty nice time. Han visited and we ate out every single day, every single meal. The highlight being a meal of cheese, mozzarella to be precise. Three fist sized balls of mozzarella and then two ginormous pizzas covered in the stuff, along with mushrooms and a few other things, which I couldn't get through but Han put in a stand-out effort and so we managed to leave almost empty plates. A bottle of dusky pink rose on the side and a montenegro to follow. It's a digestive so the whole point is it helps you digest the mountians of cheese you just consumed. In the rain on a little table outside under a tree. With a waiter who seemed abrupt, gruff even, but loved us actually because we are two young ladies dressed nice for a saturday night. A taxi and a cocktail roumored to revive corpses. Not us though, too full of cheese and wine and more cheese we ended it all with a midnight chai and a balmy stroll home and the next day Han went home to New Zealand.
I moved house, finally, it's small and delightful. I went to the Shout Out Louds, Beach House and Andrew WK. The night Andrew WK played was definitely the best night out I have had in forever. I got a cold on the hottest day, I went to the pools, a lot, I didn't cook a meal probably this whole time. I got my hair cut. It's not 'short' any more, more what could be considered 'shoulder length' (it's actually a tiny bit past my shoulders though, just so you know). I thought about posting something on this blog. I went outside and read in the sun. I drowned in hundreds of pages of watercolour. I made new friends. I hung out with girls, so many girls, all the time, this is new for me. I booked a trip back home in March (5 weeks Han!!) and I searched for shoes that would please everybody. I thought about posting something on the blog. Our friend's baby was born. It rained, torrentially, and flooded. Not as badly as in Queensland but it's still been pretty crazy. My housemate's car floated down the street. Not outside our house though, at her parents', in the suburbs. I made marmalade. You can try some at a cafe in Collingwood where our friend works, it's delicious I think (I haven't had any since we put it in the jars but it was pretty marmaladey, so if you're into that sort of thing then it's probably still delicious).

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